The Prodigy Go Back To Old School Roots For 43rd Time On Latest Track

The world’s most in demand, over the hill, post-punk, electro, rock-a-doodle dance crew, The Prodigy, have reportedly gone back to their old school roots for the forty-third time for their latest album release.

According to band member Keith Flint, their new album, No Tourists, is a complete throwback to all of the other old school sounding albums they’ve released since they actually were old school, back when they were new on the scene.

No Tourists is probably the oldest school album we’ve released, this year,” Flint explained. “It’s about as old school as drinking warm stout, smoking a pipe, slapping your old lady up and using casual racism as part of your everyday banter. That’s about as old school as it gets, we’re talking 1070s level shit.”

“It’s so old school, when Liam first showed me some of the bass lines, I actually thought listening to them momentarily sent me back in time, my psychiatrist told me later that it was actually just an acid flashback, but I’m still not sure, I definitely think it was the music.”

The Shamen’s Mr C, voted the most influential member of the old school for the last seventeen consecutive years, claims The Prodigy’s album could easily be a number one hit if it had been released in 1993.

“This album is fresher than the Fresh Prince,” Mr C said enthusiastically. “It makes me want to dig out a pair of X Worx jeans, stick a pair of white gloves on and absolutely go to town with a bag of Ebeneezers, a whistle and a tub of Vicks VapoRub.”

According to rumours, The Prodigy, pictured above looking rather sheepish while being told off by their management for trashing a hotel room, actually recorded No Tourists in the back of a Liam Howlett’s Ford Capri in 1992, however, the band members have stringently denied this, claiming they were “far too off their heads for the entire decade” to ever even consider buying a car.

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The Prodigy Go Back To Old School Roots For 43rd Time On Latest Track

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