Jamie Jones To Wear Shirt Made Out Of Actual Flowers For ADE

Jamie Jones is set to simultaneously take the music and fashion worlds by storm this weekend by wearing a floral shirt made out of 100% actual flowers.

Jones, who takes his world-famous Paradise brand to Amsterdam this Friday 19 October for an epic ADE party featuring Richy Ahmed, Dubfire and Maya Jane Coles, is believed to have hired one of Ibiza oldest, and crustiest, hippies to help manufacture the shirt.

“I’ve got this lad, Scruffy Joe I call him, I don’t have a clue what his actual name is, and he’s been wearing clothes made out of leaves and petals for years now,” Jones told Wunderground earlier. “He makes them all himself and even though he kinda looks like a tramp and stinks, I really like his vibe so I’ve asked him to help me make the shirt.”

“You can probably tell, I’m a massive fan of floral shirts,” revealed Jones, best known for coming third in Caernarfon’s annual karaoke festival in 2003. “It’s always been one of my life’s ambitions to wear a shirt that was made from actual flowers and now, thankfully, I’m going to fulfill this at ADE. What a bloody time to be alive!”

Reports from Ibiza, where the shirt was painstakingly hand stitched inside a Bennirás drum circle, suggests that Scruff Joe, along with a handpicked selection of the island’s most free spirits, blessed the shirt using traces of rock salt found on Es Vedra before shipping it to Amsterdam to give it some “extra vava-voom” before the Paradise party.

“This will probably be the first time that I’ll actually be wearing a garment worthy of a Paradise party,” continued Jones. “It’s ninety percent poppy and ten percent lavender, it’s kind of a tribute to war veterans and it’ll help me sleep, it’s probably the greatest shirt ever made. Stick that in your pipe Solardo, you big bloody frauds. Who’s king of the shirts now?”

Experts are now predicting that fully-floral-floral-shirts will be a big hit in Ibiza next season, with Scruffy Joe believed to be considering ditching his hippy ethos and teaming up with Jones once more to create Paradise Shirt Co., more on this as we get it.

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Jamie Jones To Wear Shirt Made Out Of Actual Flowers For ADE

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