Swiss DJ Confirmed For “How To Pay Taxes Master Class” At ADE

A Swiss DJ has been confirmed to give a “how to pay taxes” master class at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

According to ADE organisers, the master class, hosted by Khainz, is proving to be one of this year’s conferences most popular seminars, with over 10,000 DJs having already registered their interest.

Khainz, who is due to play at the SOE Showcase in VLLA on Friday 19 October, claims to be an “expert in all things Swiss” including paying taxes, cheese, mountains, chocolate and clocks.

Wunderground caught up with the Swiss DJ earlier today, “There are a few things that we all love in Switzerland,” he told us. “One of them is mountains, because we have an abundance of them, and another is being creative with how we pay our taxes. We also like to combine these things, so by being creative with our taxes we create mountains of money, double bubble, everyone’s a winner.”

“I’ll be bringing all of this into my paying taxes master class,” continued Khainz, best known for eating an entire 4.5 kilo Toblerone in one sitting. “It’s really more of a master class on Swiss customs, it’s just that our tax system has more holes in it then our cheese does and has become the focal point of our culture.”

“I really can’t go into too much detail about the master class, otherwise we’d be immediately shut down, but I can confirm that I will be joined on the day by Heidi, one of my favourite DJs, who will be playing us out with an exclusive vinyl-only yodel set.”

Research suggests that DJs are amongst the “most creative individuals on the plant”, often saving their best work for when filing their tax returns.

One anonymous DJ shared her thoughts with Wunderground, “Sometimes, I’ll spend hours on end in the studio,” she explained. “It’s the best place for me to get away from everything and really think about how much of my income I’ll actually declare, if I make up my mind quickly enough, I might even make some music while I’m in there.”

“I’m really excited about this master class with Khainz at ADE,” she revealed. “He’s the master of tax returns, it will be like learning about karma from the Dalai Lama or being sexy and born in the eighties by Hot Since 82, it really doesn’t get any better than this.”

If you would like the chance to attend Khainz’s how to pay taxes master class you must be earning a six-figure income, have a number of offshore bank accounts and have a keen appreciation of cuckoo clocks.

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Swiss DJ Confirmed For “How To Pay Taxes Master Class” At ADE

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