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Keep’er Lit: The Complete Guide To Dublin’s After Party Scene Part 2 – Warehouse Parties

Keep’er Lit: The Complete Guide To Dublin’s After Party Scene Part 2 – Warehouse Parties

Warehouse parties first started to appear in the late 80’s as a direct result of the Acid House movement in London. They were originally set up to avoid strict anti club laws in Britain that made it illegal for club goers to party on late into the night. Promoters quickly realised the potential of these parties and soon groups like Sunrise and Revolution in Progress were organising large scale parties to cater for the ever growing number of people looking to get involved. A rave was born!!
Today these parties have become a much more main stream affair and with the post Celtic Tiger tightening of the purse strings, they are becoming an ever more popular destination for the party public, with the option to bring your own beer being a major draw. In the second part of Wunderground’s complete guide to Dublin’s after party scene we will be looking at warehouse parties.

What To Expect

One thing not to expect is a dusty old warehouse, most of these parties are found in clean, well decorated, industrial spaces. There is also no given time that these parties happen, they could just as easily be on a Thursday night or a Sunday afternoon as a Friday or Saturday night. Dublin’s warehouse parties offer a wide variety of musical treats for your listening pleasure. Some parties will be genre specific, but usually you can expect a good mix encompassing everything from house, techno and psytrance to spoken word, hip hop and rock and roll. If it’s big name performers you’re looking for than these parties are not for you as they offer a good platform for local talent to come and entertain their crowds. The crowd you’ll see at these parties is as much of a mixed bag as the music you’ll hear, expect to see the hippest hipsters mingling with the crustiest session veterans the capital has to offer and everything else in between. A warm relaxed atmosphere is usually generated by the underground element of these parties and they often feel more like a huge house party than a warehouse party. You can also expect to see art installations, exhibitions and demonstrations from some of the cities best artists.

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Where To Look

With these parties happening outside of the usual locations and popping up in different spots all over the city, social media sites are your best bet if you want to find a good warehouse party. Groups like Subground Fortythree and Mabos have been organising the very best parties in Dublin recently and will always advertise them through their Facebook pages. The popularity of these parties means that events will sell out, so if you’re planning on going be sure to get tickets early or follow the instructions on the event page to reserve your spot and avoid disappointment.

What Will It Cost

The cost of entry varies significantly from party to party. Some will have free entry but come with a recommended donation, expect this to be somewhere in the region of €5 – €10. Other parties will have tickets for sale, between €10 – €20 should be enough to buy you one. This may seem a little expensive for a party in a warehouse, but if you consider the amount you will save from bringing your own booze and the fact some stay open far later than a club, it’s actually quite good value. Depending on the party you may also come across a BBQ or some sort of kitchen serving good quality and reasonably priced food. All in all, you’ll have a good night, with a good crowd, good music and go home without the fear associated with checking your bank balance the following morning. What more could you ask for?

While the recession has decreased our disposable income, it hasn’t quenched our passion to go out and party! So it would appear that warehouse parties are an ideal alternative to expensive nights out in town, so please keep them coming!

Next week we’ll be looking at post club after parties.

Photography via Chachou Grenson Photography

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  • hello,
    moved to dublin just a few months ago and need to divert away from the temple bar area. could you possibly give me advice on where to go to find the after party scene? any advice you can give me would be great


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