“Kllaaasd Weeoosleksprt Mfdffodosssrtr” Claims Woman In K Hole

A woman in a K hole has left a group of friends in an extremely confused state after claiming “kllaaasd weeoosleksprt mfdffodosssrtr”.

Mandy O’Reilly, a twenty-one-year-old dental nurse from Liverpool, England, made the outlandish claim after accidentally snorting a line for herself and half of the line beside it.

“She’s only a little bird is our Mandy, la,” explained friend, and supplier of the ket, Mike Williams.

“That was way too much ket for her to sniff, she went down harder than Wayne Rooney at your Granny’s retirement party.”

“She was talking proper gibberish like,” continued Williams. “I was dead worried she was gonna be like one of these people that goes into a coma and comes out speaking a different language.”

“It’s hard enough to understand a Scouse bird speaking English so imagine how hard it would have been for her to communicate while speaking a foreign language, badly.”

“It would have ruined her life and I don’t think I could handle that sort of guilt.”

According to reports, after about forty-five minutes of speaking in tongues, screeching and rolling around on the floor, Ms O’Reilly snapped out of her K hole and made a full recovery.

We spoke to her earlier, “Those lines of ket really fuck you up,” she explained. “They do though, don’t they though.”

“Still, it was great fun, even though I don’t really remember it, I probably won’t be doing it again, for at least a couple of hours.”

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“Kllaaasd Weeoosleksprt Mfdffodosssrtr” Claims Woman In K Hole

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