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Konstantin Goes Back To Being Irrelevant

Giegling co-founder Konstantin has reportedly returned to being insignificant after he was thrust into the public spotlight late last month.

The bearded DJ, best known for his goat impression, gained notoriety after claiming that women were not as good at DJing as men, causing people all over the world to Google the little-known DJ.

“Oh yeah, I remember that guy. He’s the chauvinist right?” asked one dance music fan we spoke to earlier today. “I’d never heard of him before he said that thing and, thankfully, I haven’t heard of him since either. Maybe he just said what he said so people would actually know who he is, I guess we’ll never know.”

According to sexism expert Jimmy Willis, Konstantin’s comments were a “perfectly executed plan” to achieve a level of fame he otherwise never would have reached.

“It was a grade A publicity stunt,” claimed Willis. “The lad played an absolute blinder and, to be honest with you, he was probably right about bird DJs, most of them are crap. Everyone wants to get their fifteen minutes and he got well more than that, he had like three days of being famous. How awesome would that be.”

“Did anyone know who Konstantin was before all that nonsense? No, of course they didn’t. Do they know who he is now? Yeah, they do,” continued Willis. “Sure, they might not know what he does and think he’s just some big tool, a bit Jeremy Clarkson, but at least they’ve heard of him, he never would have got his name out there like that playing that rubbish bang bang music.”

So far, Konstantin has yet to comment on the issue, rumours have it that his colleagues in Giegling have taped his mouth shut to make sure he can’t get his foot into it again.

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