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Lad Hoping 3 Wise Men Bring Beer, Ket And Pills To His Christmas Party

A lad who is hosting a party at his house on Christmas night is hoping that three wise men show up with gifts of beer, ket and pills.

Andrew Spencer, the party’s host, claims that he is happy to provide a comfortable venue and music for the entire party but will not be providing drugs or refreshments.

“It’s very important to have somewhere to party with your friends at Christmas time,” explained Andrew. “Things always get pretty boring on Christmas night. Families just aren’t as much fun as friends so once the Christmas cheers is over and the Brussels Sprouts farts start kicking in, it’s usually time to get out and about.”

“With a shortage of pubs and public places available at Christmas somebody needs to step up the plate and invite all of their mates around,” continued Andrew. “This year I’ve decided to be the one. I’m happy to let everyone come over but they’ll have to bring their own drink and drugs, hopefully, there’ll be a few wise men with stuff for sale.”

According to Andrew’s friend, Pete, there should be no shortage of illicit narcotics available at the party, “Christmas is always a great time for knocking out a bit of gear,” he told us. “Everyone’s always got a few quid and well up for a party. I’m gonna get a shitload of pills in for Andy’s bash. Knowing our particular group of friends I’ll easily shift a hundred pills, even more if goes on through Boxing Day and into the twenty seventh, which it almost certainly will.”

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