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Lad Saves His Best Creativity For Finding Ways To Smuggle Drink Into Festival

Lad Saves His Best Creativity For Finding Ways To Smuggle Drink Into Festival

A lad who is set to attend a festival next weekend, claims to have been “saving his best creativity” for finding ways to smuggle his own alcohol past the security and onto the event site.

David “Dave the Rave” Smith revealed that he is on a “tight budget” for next weekend’s festival and will be hoping to save some money by avoiding the bar for the entire weekend.

“I had planned to have a few quid put aside for the festival, but everytime I managed to save something, I spent it just as quick,” Smith explained to Wunderground earlier. “Now, I’m only a couple of days away and I’m almost completely skint, I’m not too worried though, it’s never stopped me from having a great time before.”

“I’m just going to have to make a budget and stick to it religiously,” continued Smith. “I’ll beg, steal or borrow whatever I need to make this one the best weekends of the last couple of weeks, it won’t be easy because there’s been a few really great weekends in there but I’ll give it my best shot.”

“I’ve managed to get a lift down and some space in a tent,” revealed Dave the Rave. “So, straight away that’s saved me a few quid. I was going to get a sleeping bag but I’ll probably just bring a couple of extra hoodies and a really big towel, that should be more than enough to get me through whatever little bit of sleep I get.”

“Then, I was thinking I’d bring all of my own food with me so I don’t have to pay outrageous prices at food stalls that I won’t even like,” he continued. “But then I just decided to fuck food off altogether and spend all of my money on booze.”

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“I obviously won’t be drinking at the bar so I’m going to need to save all of my best creativity to come up with ways to smuggle my drink past the security check. I can’t give too much away, in case any of the security read this, but let’s just say I’ll be identifying as Davina one of the days, with double D’s full of vodka and Redbull, and I might just need to have a colostomy bag full of Buckfast the next.”

If you have any ideas to help Dave the Rave smuggle some extra drink into the festival, leave some tips in our comment section.

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