Latest Version Of Virtual DJ Actually Shows Up At Your House And DJs For You

An American software engineer has today confirmed that the latest version of Virtual DJ is so advanced, it actually shows up at your house and DJs for you.

Ron Spellman, who was involved in the development of the software, claims that Virtual DJ 2018 is the most sophisticated DJing software to date.

“The latest version of Virtual DJ is so advanced that very few people can actually tell it’s virtual,” he told Wunderground. “We put it next to Steve Aoki and asked one hundred people which was the real DJ and ninety-seven of them chose the computer program, while the other three claimed that neither were real DJs.”

“Anyone who buys a Pro license will actually have a Virtual DJ show up at their house and DJ for them,” continued Spellman. “That something you don’t get with Traktor, Serato or Rekordbox and we’ve even included a built-in Virtual DJ Hospitality Rider so they won’t even have to give their Virtual DJ any drinks or cocaine or anything.”

According to one Virtual DJ user, the best part of the latest version of the software is the amount of Instagram opportunities that come with having a Virtual DJ in your house.

“Mate, I’ve got some absolutely cracking photos for my Instagram,” he explained. “People believe that I’ve had an actual DJ around the gaff to play at my party, my posts were getting forty or fifty likes each, no word of a lie.”

“Then there’s the little matter of the Virtual Groupies that follow the Virtual DJs everywhere they go,” continued our source. “Believe me, get a few Virtual Drinks into them and they’ll do virtually anything. You know what I mean? Honestly, this software is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

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Latest Version Of Virtual DJ Actually Shows Up At Your House And DJs For You

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