Life Beyond Our Solar System Wondering If They Can Get Guestlist

NASA have announced that extraterrestrials from the recently discovered Trappist-1 planet system are wondering if they’ll be able to guestlist when the eventually arrive on Earth.

NASA spokesperson Bobby Rocket claims that the organisation have received a coded message from the direction of Trappist-1 which they believe translates as “any guestlist?”.

“Although we only announced the discovery of Trappist-1 a couple of days ago, we actually first spotted the exoplanet in late 2015,” explained Mr Rocket. “With the planets being so close together, a mere two hundred and thirty five trillion miles, we thought that it was a definite possibility that they have spotted us too, so we’ve had censors pointed their way for over a year listening out for any possible communication from them.”

“About three weeks ago, we finally picked something up,” revealed the space man. “It was a very faint, but clearly distinct, binary radio signal. Straight away we put our best code breakers to work on it and eventually they came to the conclusion that the message simply said ‘any guestlist?’. It was a truly momentous day for all life on Earth, the very first contact with alien life. Of course, we’ll wait to see what they can offer in return before agreeing to the guestlist but, so far, the signs are good.”

According to Professor Simon Cox, who loves “space and shit”, we should welcome our galactic neighbours and offer them as much guestlist as they like.

“Of course we should sort these guys out with guestlist,” insisted Professor Cox earlier today. “We should welcome them with open arms. Today is the dawn of a new era of humanity and we need to ensure that our new friends are on board with us. I’d say we really push the boat and give them VIP access too, although, they’re not actually people so I don’t know if they’d be able for the VIP, maybe we can set up a designated VIA area just for very important aliens.”

While it is not yet sure what exactly the aliens are looking for guestlist for, experts are predicting it’s most likely for Carl Cox in Privilege, Ibiza, this summer.

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Life Beyond Our Solar System Wondering If They Can Get Guestlist

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