Man At Afterparty Holds Same Beer For 15 Hours

An Englishman at an afterparty has reportedly held the same can of beer for just over fifteen hours.

Ian Thompson, who attended the afterparty with a group of friends in the early hours of Saturday morning, is believed to have opened the can at approximately 4am and held it tightly in his right hand until 7.15pm, when he accidentally put it down and lost it to a table full of half drank beers.

“I thought the prick was drinking all of my cans because every time I looked at him he had a beer in his hand,” explained house owner Ryan Bell. “I even told him to slow the fuck down at one stage but he told me he’d only had the one. To be honest, at the time I didn’t believe him, but when I went to the fridge they were nearly all still there.”

Wunderground spoke to Thompson earlier, “I just kept forgetting to take sips and before I knew it was the next day,” he told us. “I’d say I probably drank about a quarter of the can but people just kept handing me the ends of rollies of bumps of meow meow and the beer just kinda disappeared into the ether.”

“I know I definitely had one sip when I opened it because I remember thinking it was very cold and I know I definitely had a sip around 5pm because I remember thinking how horribly warm it was but that I didn’t want to not drink it,” he continued. “If I hadn’t put it down to look for my phone, which was actually in my other hand all along, at about 7.15pm, I’d probably still be holding it now.”

“I tried to find it on the table but it were just full of cans that had been open and had a couple of sips taken from them so it was impossible to tell which one it was. Luckily enough, there were still plenty of cans left in the fridge so I just took another one. I held that until around nine o’clock the next morning when I finally went home.”

According to reports, approximately twenty three litres of beer was wasted at Mr Bell’s afterparty, which would have been enough to keep former England cricket captain Freddie Flintoff well lubricated for almost two hours.

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Man At Afterparty Holds Same Beer For 15 Hours

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