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Man Can Use Almost Anything To Take Bumps

Man Can Use Almost Anything To Take Bumps

A British man living in Ibiza has today made the claim that he can use almost anything as a shovelling device for taking bumps of drugs.

24-year-old Adam Harris, a ket-spoon manufacturer from Manchester, says that regardless of what situations or location he happens to be in, he’s always able to improvise some way to take bumps using objects around him.

“It’s a gift I’ve had since I was a kid when I could use any surface to draw pictures of willys or fannies,” explained Adam. “When I grew up and started taking coke and ket, that inventiveness transferred to using random shit for doing bumps.”

“Sometimes you might be at a festival or in the wilderness with no keys or coins on you,” said Adam. “In which case you’re going to have to make do with a shoelace or a twig. What you use isn’t that important, getting the bump up your nose is what matters.”

Some of the household items that Adam claims can be utilised for bumps include the edge of a table, a broomstick, your Mum’s tits and curtains.

“I once was at a gardening exhibition and was able to take bumps using nothing more than a blade of grass and a bee’s wing,” he laughed. “Another time I was naked in bed with my girlfriend and had to do bumps using her big toenail, I just lifted her up and scooped her toe-first into the bag, easy.”

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