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Man Goes Traveling To Find Himself – Finds 36 Hour Long Festival Instead

Man Goes Traveling To Find Himself – Finds 36 Hour Long Festival Instead

An Englishman, who swapped his life in London for a backpack and one-way train ticket in an attempt to “find himself” while backpacking around Europe, has reportedly “hit the jackpot” after finding a festival that runs for thirty-six consecutive hours instead.

James Hadley, who quit his job, moved out of his apartment and sold his possession in a bid to leave the city and its hectic lifestyle behind, has decided to settle in Istanbul, a city almost twice as big as the one he left.

“I absolutely love it over here,” James told Wunderground earlier. “I hadn’t planned on stopping in any one place for too long, because you never quite know exactly where you might find yourself, but I think I might stick around here for a while, at least until after this weekend, there’s a festival happening here that I really want to go to.”

“It’s called Chill-Out Festival and it seems like the exact kind of place a guy like me could really find himself, or at least find a really good time,” continued James, who vowed to leave his party lifestyle in London when he left. “It seems like a really laid back kind of festival, they wouldn’t call it Chill-Out Festival if it was going to be anything too hectic so I’m sure it will fit nicely with my new pace of life.”

“It all kicks off this Saturday, the 15 September, and the music runs for thirty-six consecutive hours without stopping, with some of the best local and international DJs around on the lineup,” he explained. “Now, I know that doesn’t sound very chilled out but, when you think about, you don’t necessarily have to be chilled out to find yourself, for all I know, I could find myself halfway through the thirty-fifth hour, right up the front, beside the speakers.”

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“I’ve heard this festival is in a brand new venue this year too, some place called Garden Fiesta, so I doubt anyone has ever even looked for themselves in there before, which makes the chances of me finding myself really good.”

If you would like the chance to assist Mr Hadley in his quest to find himself, or even the option of finding yourself in one of Europe’s fastest growing festivals during thirty-six hours of non-stop music, click here for more information and tickets.

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