Man Who Thinks He Knows The Words To Yeke Yeke Not Even Close

A man who claims to know all of the words to Mory Kant’s seminal hit Yeke Yeke has been made to look foolish after it was revealed that he actually didn’t know any of them.

Reports suggest that Peter Byrne, a forty-year-old from Belfast, Northern Ireland, was just “making up words and mumbling” when he was singing along to the track.

“I’m not really sure why he thought he knew the words,” explained Alan O’Meara, a language expert from Queen’s University. “The song is actually sung in the Dogon language, a rare West African language, originally from Mali. There are about 600K people in the world who actually speak Dogon so I presume that Mr Byrne just believed he had mastered it by listening to the tune on repeat, for ten years.”

Byrne, best known for eating two fish suppers in a row one Wednesday evening in June 2003, also spoke to Wunderground about the claims made against him.

“I might have said I know all of the words to Yeke Yeke a few years ago but I didn’t really mean that I actually knew them all,” he explained. “What I actually meant was I was able to sing along to it, I might not have got all of the words spot on, but I was definitely in the right ballpark.”

”I was making noises that sounded like the words they were singing in the song, that’s practically knowing the words,” continued Byrne. “It’s not like I was planning on getting on the phone to Mory himself and discussing the lyrics in his native tongue. I just wanted to sing along when I was off my head.”

According to reports, Mr Byrne has denied accusations of culturally appropriating West African culture by singing along to Yeke Yeke by insisting that he was only singing along with the Hardfloor Remix and not the original version.

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Man Who Thinks He Knows The Words To Yeke Yeke Not Even Close

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