Man Willing To Let Wife Leave Dishes Until The Morning For International Women’s Day

A man from Yorkshire, England, has informed his wife that he is willing to let her leave tonight’s dishes until tomorrow morning in aid of International Women’s Day.

Barry “Bazza” Bigglesby claims his wife, Cora, is free to do whatever she wants this evening as long as she cooks him dinner, makes him a cuppa and doesn’t disturb him while the football is on.

“She’s a real grafter is our Cora so I really don’t mind letting her put her feet up tonight,” explained Bazza earlier today. “Once the dinner’s on the table when I get home from work, I get a cup of tea and biscuit when I’ve finished eating and she doesn’t try to watch anything on the telly, she’s free to do whatever she likes.”

“She’s even allowed to leave the dishes until the morning if she likes,” he continued. “Although, if I’m being honest, she’s got a lot of other jobs to do in the morning so she’d probably be better off just sucking it up and doing them tonight anyway, but it’s her day so I’ll leave the decision up to her.”

Wunderground also spoke to Cora earlier, “If that prick thinks he’s getting his dinner served to him when he gets home from work he’s got another thing coming,” she told us. “He can pick himself up a chippie on the way home because I’m not even going to be there. I’m going to see the Chippendales with the girls and getting pissed up.”

“He also thinks I’ll be getting up early in the morning to make his sandwiches and get the kids ready for school,” she added. “But, little does he know, I’ll probably be nose deep in a bag of white by the time his alarm clock goes off so he’ll have to do it all himself, the lazy fucker can look after himself for one day of the year.”

According to experts, If you have treated the women in your life in a similar way to Bazza, you’re a cunt. Simples.

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Man Willing To Let Wife Leave Dishes Until The Morning For International Women’s Day

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