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Martin Garrix Builds Own Club In Minecraft

Martin Garrix has sent shockwaves through the entire music industry after revealing that he has built his very own custom superclub, in Minecraft.

The superclub, which he has named Martin’s Superclub, is reportedly Minecraft’s biggest superclub and is capable of holding up to two hundred and fifty thousand virtual clubbers at any given time.

According to Wunderground sources, building the online superclub could signal the beginning of Garrix shifting his entire career into the online Minecraft universe.

“Martin’s not getting any younger,” explained Anita Robbins, a member of Garrix’s PR team. “He already feels that he’s given a lot of his prime gaming years away to the music industry and now he’s looking to make up for lost time. Since 2017 began, Martin has already clocked up over two thousand four hundred hours on Minecraft, which is pretty much all the hours we’ve had so he’s taking it very seriously.”

“He’s even hired a number of construction companies to clock up hours, mine and build in the game,” continued Ms Robbins. “He’s already built a number of apartment complexes, shopping malls and now a superclub. At this rate, he’ll be the biggest real estate owner in the Minecraft universe by the beginning of 2019.”

“Out of everything he’s got going on he’s definitely most excited about the club,” revealed Robbins. “There really isn’t anything in the actual universe to compare it too, think the biggest club in the world and then make it fifteen times bigger, add no drugs or alcohol, no security staff and Martin playing twenty-four seven and you’ve got Martin’s Superclub. It’s actually a bit like a massive day care centre, only the music will be a bit more childish.”

Reports that Tiësto was spotted playing at Martin’s Superclub have been rubbished after it was confirmed that everyone in the Minecraft universe has an oversized blockhead, not just Tiësto.

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