The Martinez Brothers Split After TV Remote Control Bust Up

The Martinez Brothers have reportedly split after a major bust-up believed to be caused by a dispute over who was in charge of the TV remote control.

Reports suggest that Chris Martinez, the younger sibling, stormed out of a recent family occasion after a blazing row with his older brother Steve.

“Naturally, with a duo consisting of a pair of siblings there’s going to be some rivalry and tension within the group,” a source close to the brothers explained earlier. “We saw it with Oasis, The Bee Gees and even The Osmonds and we’ve certainly seen it with The Martinez Brothers over the years, they’re always niggling at each other but they usually just get on with their job in the end.”

“This row was different though, I’ve never seen anything escalate quite as quickly as this one did,” continued our source. “Steve, who is three years older than Chris, was in possession of the remote and was exercising his right to dictate what was being watched, as is the custom in North American families, but Chris wasn’t happy with this at all.”

“He’s a huge Sponge Bob fan and he watches an hour of it everyday at the same time on Nickelodeon,” he revealed. “But, yesterday, Steve was watching an episode of 30 For 30 about the New York Knicks and didn’t want to change the channel, Chris didn’t take it well and Steve wasn’t backing down, they were like two positively charged ions bouncing off each other and it was only a matter of time before someone blew.”

“In the end, it was Chris that flipped, he issued some death threats, claimed they’d never DJ together again and stormed out of the family home, the rest of the family are confident he’ll come back when he gets hungry but I’m not so sure.”

So far, Chris Martinez has yet to surface since his brotherly bust up but it is widely believed that he is “reading comic books in the crawl space” and will return before dark.

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The Martinez Brothers Split After TV Remote Control Bust Up

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