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Millionaire DJ Who Never Buys Tunes Slams Illegal Downloading

Millionaire DJ refuses to buy music

A millionaire DJ, who has not paid for any of the music he plays in years, has slammed illegal downloading, claiming it is ruining the music industry.

American Miles Anderson, a.k.a. DJ M-Andy, claims he would rather nobody listened to his music at all than have people downloading it and using it for free.

“The whole industry is fucked,” claimed twenty-eight-year-old “EDM veteran” Anderson. “There is so much illegal downloading going on these days that I don’t think anyone is actually making money from any of their productions. Something really needs to be done to address this issue.”

“I really don’t understand how people are willing to steal our music without any sense of remorse,” continued Anderson. “Do people think that making, mixing and mastering these tracks is easy? Well it isn’t, it’s really hard, that’s why I get a ghost writer to make all of mine for me. And you know what I do when he’s finished making them? I pay him because that’s the right thing to do.”

“Honestly, those guys are the hardest working people in the industry,” claimed the DJ. “They’ve been practising for, like, years. If they had have been born good-looking they probably could have turned out to be incredibly successful and rich DJs, like me, but they probably knew they wouldn’t so they put their time into making music for guys like me to buy and release as our own.”

“I should be making an investment every time I pay one of those guys to make me a track but, lately, it feels like I’m not getting any return at all, and that’s all down to illegal downloading,” he told us. “I really don’t get it either, all you have to do is become a really successful DJ and the labels will literally send you all of their releases for free anyway. What’s wrong with people?”

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