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New DJ Hero Game Includes Drug Addiction And Mental Health Issues

DJ Hero introduce new features

The latest version of the popular video game series DJ Hero will reportedly include both drug addiction and mental health issues levels, making it the most realistic DJ simulator to date.

According to Barry Gomes, the game’s lead developer, DJ Hero 2018 is set to be even more realistic than being an actual DJ and will allow gamers to experience all of the highs and lows associated with the profession.

“We’re really going all out with the latest version of the game to make it our most well rounded and immersive gaming experience yet,” explained Gomes earlier today. “As well as all of the ordinary levels of the game we’ve included levels that will deal with some really pressing issues in the modern electronic music industry; drug abuse and mental health issues.”

“The drug levels will start off quite light-hearted and fun,” continued Gomes. “There’s the Ket level, where the screen will constantly wobble making it practically impossible to DJ, then we’ll have the MDMA level where everything will sound good to you no matter how badly you fuck it up and then we have the heavy addiction level which will be impossible to finish unless you admit your addiction.”

“The mental health level won’t be anywhere near as fun as some of the drug levels,” claimed the game developer. “They’ll be set in massive clubs that look like they’re completely empty, the secret is they’re not empty, if you look hard enough you’ll notice that you’re not alone and there are actually loads of other DJ’s in there going through the same things as you. Once you realise that and reach out for help you’ll soon figure out how to get to the next level.”

Other levels set to appear in DJ Hero 2018 include; complaining about airlines level, taking photos of your dinner and putting them on Instagram-level and issuing a public apology after doing or saying something incredibly stupid level.

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