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New Genre “Drug Step” Set To Take 2017 By Storm

A new genre of electronic music, championed by Chilean wreck head Ricardo Villalobos and called “drug Step”, is set to take 2017 by storm, according to music experts.

Described as “a bit of everything with a handful of pingers”, drug step is tipped to be a major draw in party capitals, like Berlin, Amsterdam, London and Ibiza, and is likely to be 2017’s hottest topic.

Wunderground got the lowdown on drug step from Villalobos earlier today, “I’m really excited about drug step. The whole thing actually came about by accident. I was playing a four deck show a couple of months ago and, naturally, I was shoveling an unknown concoction of drugs up my nose when I just kind of faded out for a couple of minutes.”

“Whatever happened, I woke up and everyone was cheering like crazy. It seems that as I slumped over onto the mixer I get the perfect balance of craziness coming for four decks, all playing completely out of time,” explained Villalobos. “I can’t actually remember any of the incident or the music but I had the foresight to command my tour manager to take photos of everything so I could study them when I was sober, which was about two and a half weeks later.”

“Since then I’ve been practicing like crazy, trying to perfect the technique and make drug step the biggest and best electronic music genre the world has ever seen,” continued Villalobos showing a rare signs of focus. “I’ve spent weeks trying to exactly recreate what I did with the mixer but I just couldn’t quite get the levels right.”

“That’s when I realised that it wasn’t just about the music, a lot of it was down to the drugs too, so I just snorted until I passed out on the mixer and got the perfect results,” he revealed with a smile. “I always thought DJing was my life’s true calling but now I know it’s not, it actually taking so much drugs that I pass out while DJing. I really can’t wait to get this out on the road next year.”

According to experts, approximately ninety nine percent of DJs have played drug step at some point in their careers, although, some may have played “drunk step” which doesn’t sound quite as cool.

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