Newest Version Of Reason To Be Even Better For Half Finishing Tracks Then Forgetting Them

Music creation software manufacturers, Propellerheads, have today stated that the latest version of their widely used beat making program, Reason, will be “even better for half finishing tracks and forgetting about them.”

“Reason has always been the market leader for people who want to dick around making tracks for a few days every few months and then give up for a while before coming back,” claimed Propellerheads spokesperson Arnulf Thorgen. “With this new version of Reason we’ve made absolutely no changes so that users can continue that tradition.”

Arnulf claimed that with this latest version users will be able to get really excited about a project for the first few days, get stuck when they try to finish the track, become frustrated and eventually give up.

Mr. Thorgen also claims that the new version will make it just as easy for users to save their half finished tracks under obscure names that they’ll forget and have trouble finding again later when they want to show their friends.

“Just like in other versions of Reason,” continued Arnulf, “you have the freedom to pick from a whole series of unimaginative and forgettable names for your tracks like ‘Techno Messing’, ‘House Track Summer 2012’ or the classic ‘Untitled 1’, ensuring that the tracks will be extremely difficult to find when you inevitably renew your interest in finishing them after a drunken promise to ‘get back to music.'”

The new version of Reason, tentatively entitled “Have a listen to this and tell me what you think, but bear in mind it’s not quite finished yet”, is set to hit stores later this year.


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Newest Version Of Reason To Be Even Better For Half Finishing Tracks Then Forgetting Them

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