Paul van Dyk Now Earning Up To $12M Per Gig

Paul van Dyk has hit the top of the DJ rich list after it was confirmed that the Dutch trance master is now earning up to $12 million per show.

News of van Dyk’s new found wealth broke earlier this week after it was revealed that he was paid an astronomical fee of $12 million for an appearance at A State of Trance in Utrecht in early 2016.

“Paul has been around the scene longer than most, he basically revolutionised dance music and created trance so when it comes to fees, he deserves everything he gets,” claimed some bloke we randomly asked on the street. “It’s not like he’s one of these of these modern shysters who have achieved nothing and still get paid huge amounts for doing fuck all, at least Paul actually brings some value to the table.”

“I’ve seen footage of the A State of Trance gig and it’s fair to say there aren’t a lot of DJs around these days who will go to the lengths that Paul does to earn his money,” continued the man. “I heard he needed three months to recover from that one show, now that’s dedication. When he performs he leaves everything on the stage and there’s not much more you can ask from an artist. If you ask me, they should be paying him $20 million per show.”

According to reports, Calvin Harris is said to be “fuming” after hearing how much van Dyk earned for his A State of Trance performance and is believed to have fired his entire management team.

“Calvin isn’t happy at all,” revealed a source close to the Scottish DJ. “He thought he was the highest paid DJ in the world and after hearing what Mr van Dyk is earning he’s had a total mental breakdown, he’s sacked everyone, thrown a telly through his bedroom window and shaved all of his hair off. He’s like a big, Scottish, Britney Spears circa 2007.”

“The last I heard he was having a bath in Buckfast and planning a collaboration with Limp Bizkit, he’s lost the plot all together.”

Paul van Dyk has yet to comment on his monster pay packet, it is widely believed he is currently too busy planning a “major retirement party” and will break the ice once all preparations have been made.

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Paul van Dyk Now Earning Up To $12M Per Gig

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