Police Sniffer Dog Treated For Coke Addiction

A police sniffer dog has reportedly been sent to a rehab clinic to undergo addiction treatment after it was found to be dependant on cocaine.

Rex Wolfenstein, a seven-year-old Border Collie, has been suspended from work until a time that he can prove he is one hundred percent clean from drugs.

Alan Smith, Wolfenstein’s handler, claimed that he had no idea his canine partner was using drugs and feels he let him down by not noticing.

“As the human in our partnership, I really should have been aware that Rex was suffering,” Smith told us earlier. “I feel terrible, I’ve really let that poor little pooch down. I just get so caught up in my own life that I didn’t see all of the warning signs.”

“Now that I think about it, he was always sniffing around the place and usually fairly hyperactive, classic signs of a coke head,” recounted the Policeman. “All of the numbers were there, I was just adding two and two and coming up with one a half. I wish I could take back the time and give him the help he deserved.”

According to Police Animal Welfare, or PAW for short, drug addiction amongst sniffer dogs is currently rife in the Police force.

“Our research shows that one in every three sniffer dogs who enter the force suffers from drug dependence at some point in their career,” a PAW spokesperson told us. “We’re also seeing a lot of dogs supplying Police horses with illegal ketamine. Our animals really are out of control, they’re acting like pure animals. Something needs to be done, quickly.”

So far, Rex Wolfenstein has failed to comment on the matter, although, that is most likely down to the fact that he is a dog and unable to talk.

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Police Sniffer Dog Treated For Coke Addiction

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