Queue For Toilet Now “Biggest Thing In Dance Music”

Sources within the electronic music industry have confirmed that the queue for the girl’s toilets in a popular Ibiza nightclub as the new “biggest thing in dance music”.

The club, which has asked to remain anonymous in a bid to avoid mass hysteria, has claimed the queue is “already massive” and is set to get “even bigger” before the end of the season.

“Everyone always wants to find the next big thing in the industry and boy have we got our hands on something big over in Ibiza right now,” claimed one online commentator. “Forget about Martin Garrix, Amelie Lens or Calvin Harris’s ego, if you want to see the biggest thing in dance music right now, you need to see this queue.”

According to sources, the queue is now so big it is clearly visible from Space, with some people even now referring to it as The Great Queue of Ibiza.

“Oh yeah, you can clearly see it from Space,” claimed one Ibiza veteran. “Well, it’s actually called Hï now, but if you go up onto the roof, you can clearly see the queue sticking out the doors of the club. I’ve been living and visiting here for the last twenty-five years and I’ve never seen anything quite as big as this.”

Despite only being noticed this week, the super-massive queue has been named as one of the favourites to come out on top of next month’s DJ Mag Top 100 DJs.

“We’ll be very surprised if the queue isn’t in the top five, but it could easily be number one,” claimed a DJ Mag spokesperson earlier, “It really is that big.”

Martin Garrix, the current number one DJ on the list, has claimed that it would be an honour to be knocked off the top spot by the queue.

“I saw the queue last week and it really is something special,” Garrix told us earlier. “I would have no problem with that queue taking my place at the top of the DJ Mag poll, there’s no shame in being second place to something that big and anything would be better than having those two idiots Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike beating me to it.”

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Queue For Toilet Now “Biggest Thing In Dance Music”

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