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Richie Hawtin Announces Album Of Tracks That Mix Themselves

Richie Hawtin Announces Album Of Tracks That Mix Themselves

Richie Hawtin is set to push the boundaries of electronic music even further next year after announcing that he is to release an LP of tracks that actually mix themselves.

The groundbreaking LP, set to be titled Minus Man will be released on Hawtin’s Minus record label in spring 2015 and could signal the end of modern day DJing as we know it.

“I’ve been working on the Minus Man project for about four or five years now,” revealed Hawtin recently. “It’s really starting to come together and as long as we don’t hit any snitches with it we should be ready to release in March or April next year.”

“I came up with the idea during a seven hour extended set in Space back in 2008,” continued Hawtin in a thick British-German-Canadian accent. “I’d just started the fourth hour of the set when I started to get really bad stomach cramps. I’d had a dodgy kebab the night before and I knew I needed to visit the little boys room but I still had three hours of my set to play.”

“I can remember thinking to myself – ‘if only these tunes could mix themselves I’d be alright’. Obviously they couldn’t but the idea lodged in my mind and I started working on Minus Man pretty soon afterwards,” he explained. “That was definitely the highlight of that night, I spent the last three hours of my set set pissing shit out of my arse into empty red bull cans.”

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“It’s wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to do,” admitted Hawtin honestly, “and it left the DJ box in an awful state, I just blamed it on DJ Sneak and got the fuck out of there.”

Hawtin also spoke about the technology behind the Minus Man LP, “I don’t want to give too much away but what I can say it the LP will have nine tracks split across two vinyl records. Tracks one, three, five, seven and nine will be on the first record and tracks two, four, six and eight will be on the second.”

“By playing both records simultaneously, while keeping the crossfader in the middle and all high, mid and low level controls in the twelve o’clock position, you’ll be able to leave the tunes to perfectly mix themselves.”

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The news of Hawtin’s upcoming release has been met with a mixed response from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Welsh DJ Sasha said, “I hate seeing technology taking man’s place. I don’t even let my wife use a vibrator so I definitely don’t want my tunes to be mixing themselves. That’s my job.”

While EDM superstars Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike said, “Eh hello, we’ve been doing that for years. It’s called pre-recording. Who is that Richie Hawtin guy anyway?”

The album is expected to be released early next year and comes complete with a booklet of suggestions for how you can spend your time behind the desk while the album mixes itself – like bumping ket, reading Beano and posing.

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