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Rumoured Global Underground 042 Deep Dish Hawaii Actually Just A Pizza

Deep Dish New Album is actually a pizza

Rumours that Deep Dish were about to record a brand new Global Underground album have been put to bed after it was confirmed that deep dish Hawaii was just a pizza order.

The online rumour mill kicked into overdrive last week when Deep Dish member Dubfire was overheard saying the words “deep dish” and “Hawaii” with many believing the duo were in the process of recording the forty-second instalment of the famous mix series.

However, earlier today Dubfire laughed at the idea revealing that the only thing he and his Deep Dish partner, Sharam, agree on these days is that they don’t have the same taste in Pizza.

“There’s absolutely no chance of another Deep Dish Global Underground album,” explained Dubfire, real name Ali Shirazinia, during a catch up with Wunderground. “Sharam and I hardly even see each other these days. Deep Dish was a duo that was formed solely on our mutual love for pizza. I’ve stayed true to my roots but, unfortunately, I can’t say the same for him.”

“The reason we first went our separate ways, back in 2006, was because Sharam started to order thin and crispy based pizzas,” revealed Dubfire. “He was always talking about how bad for you dough was and that he’d feel bloated if he ate deep dish. For me, that’s when Deep Dish ended, we tried to put our differences aside in 2014 but every time we’d go to a restaurant was just a reminder of how different we’ve become.”

“The last time we were out he didn’t even order a pizza,” revealed the DJ. “Naturally, I ordered my Deep Dish Hawaiian but when the waiter asked Sharam what he wanted he ordered falafel, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, that was the final nail in Deep Dish’s coffin and confirmed that we’ll never record another album together.”

Experts predict that approximately seventy-five percent of all DJing double acts are based solely on similar taste in food, drinks and drugs.

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