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Scottish Lad To Wear His “Good Shirt” Out For 10th Consecutive Weekend

Scottish Lad To Wear His “Good Shirt” Out For 10th Consecutive Weekend

A Scottish lad has revealed plans to wear his “good shirt” out for the tenth consecutive weekend.

Anthony Fitzpatrick shocked absolutely no one by revealing his outfit ahead of a “big weekend down the local”.

“It’s my mate Sal’s birthday this weekend so everyone’s gonna be down the pub,” Fitzpatrick told Wunderground. “It’s gonna be a big weekend, so I’ll probably wear my Tommy Hilfiger shirt. You know, the pink one with the blue cuffs and collar? I try to keep it for special occasions so this weekend will be perfect for it. I just hope my ma will have it washed and dried on time.”

“It makes me look dead handsome,” claimed the youngster who looked like the lovechild of Susan Boyle and Rab C Nesbitt, or a James Corden imperciantor who’s only downfall is being slightly better looking than James Corden. “It gives me a bit of extra confidence and I always have a much better night out when I wear it.”

“The last time I had it on, four days ago, I was dancing beside this well fit bird for almost twenty minutes,” he claimed. “She didn’t even move straight away when I spoke to her either, she just ignored me and turned around but there was a definite spark there, if she’s out again this weekend I’ll definitely make my move.”

Billy Murray, a friend of Mr Fitzpatrick, claims that the only things more predictable than Anthony wearing his good shirt out at the weekend in the whole of Scotland are shit weather and people fighting.

“Aye, surprise surprise, he’s gonna wear that pink shirt out,” Murray joked. “It’s not even nice and it’s about eight sizes too big for him. He found it in a charity shop about three months ago and I think he’s worn it every Saturday night since. He looks like a right numpty in it. If you didn’t know him, you’d think his mum had dressed him, but in reality, if she had, he’d be wearing a bin bag, she’s even more of a dipso than he is.”

“Eventually, he’ll find something else to wear into the ground and the shirt will be lost to the bottom of his laundry basket, he goes through about three or four of these good shirts a year. Hopefully, soon, he’ll find one good enough to wear to an interview and go out and get himself a job, that way he’d be able to afford a few different shirts.”

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