Beginner DJ Dreams Of One Day Gigging In Much Nicer Bedroom

Wunderground recently had an opportunity to interview up and coming DJ ElectroBoi, where we discussed his career ambitions, including his life’s dream of one day creating his music in a much nicer bedroom.

The Boi contacted Wunderground from his dingy bedroom via Google Hangout. “Sorry for not phoning,” he began, folding his bed back into a couch so he could sit down for the interview. “My cell phone was disconnected. That’ll be one of the first things I take care of when I finish my tour,” he said, referring to three nights next month he’s booked DJing a pub’s trivia night in exchange for beer. He hopes these gigs will set him on a path to the ultimate goal: his own apartment, or “even a flat I could share with four or five other guys”.

“I can see it now,” the producer/Best Buy cashier continued. “It’ll have a real bed, and one of those nice chairs with padding where the seat moves up and down. I’ll need a huge desk too, with enough space for my laptop and an entire pizza. That way I won’t keep dripping cheese on my keyboard.” At this point, he seemed almost lost in his grease-free fantasy before he continued “and it won’t be in my mom’s basement this time”.

When asked how he planned to accomplished so much, he graciously gave credit to his fans. “I’m so grateful for all Mike, Greg, Paul, Sarah, Ron and Cassidy have done for me,” he beamed, showing his dedication to his fanbase by naming each of his six Soundcloud followers individually. They’ve already garnered him a grand total of 85 spins on the popular streaming service. ElectorBoi sees this as just the beginning, revealing his strategy to reach the next level: “My fan and co-worker Paul said he’d be able to sneak a track into the store playlist at Best Buy so I’m hoping to hit the big 100 soon!”

Even if this triple digit stardom does bring ElectroBoi to the bedroom of his dreams, he promises he’ll always remember his roots, “I could never truly leave this place,” he wistfully postulated, “since I’d still have to come back to do laundry every couple of weeks.”

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Beginner DJ Dreams Of One Day Gigging In Much Nicer Bedroom

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