Steve Aoki To Make Wrestlemania Debut

Steve Aoki has announced that he is set to make his professional wrestling debut at this year’s Wrestlemania 33, at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday 2 April.

Aoki has revealed that he will be wrestling under the name Manboy and has likened his alter ego to Doink the Clown, a character popular in the WWE during the mid-90s.

“I’m all about bringing a bit of fun back into the WWE,” explained Aoki earlier today, “and I can guarantee Manboy is going to do just that. I’m trying to keep him as true to myself as possible so I’ve decided that he’ll also be a DJ, a bit of a weirdo and an annoying little prick, I want to avoid him seeming fake or phoney so he’ll be sharing pretty much all of my character traits.”

Despite having no professional wrestling experience, Aoki believes he will be a natural at the sport and thinks he is in with a real chance of walking away as a winner.

“Who needs experience?” he cockily asked. “How much DJing experience do think I had when I played my first gig? None, that’s how much. To be honest with you I still don’t know how to DJ and I’m doing alright for myself. Practice is basically just crap people admitting they’re shit. Anyway, I’m Japanese, fighting and stuff is in my culture, plus I’ve been oiling up and wrestling with Dan Bilzerian for years now so I’m confident I’ll put in a good performance.”

Wunderground also caught up with Bilzerian to get his opinion on his friend’s Wrestlemania debut, “Steve will be alright,” he claimed confidently. “He’s been wrestling with me for years and I’m far tougher than any of those pussies in the WWE. Obviously, I always kick his ass but there’s nothing wrong with having your ass handed to you by the best.”

“When we wrestle, his safety word in Cockapoo, it’s also his favourite dog breed,” continued Bilzerian. “Every time we wrestle he’ll be screaming ‘cockapoo, cockapoo’, usually I make him shout it a bunch of times before I stop because I’m bigger than him and I can bully him. My safety word is actually three words, it’s rocket-propelled grenade. I could just say ‘RPG’ but, to be honest with you, I’ve never had to say it.”

A number of the wrestlers also appearing on the Wrestlemania lineup have claimed that they are going to “destroy” Aoki. In particular Irishman, and owner of the world’s palest skin, Seamus who claims he will “rip his head clean of his shoulder and piss down the neck hole”.

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Steve Aoki To Make Wrestlemania Debut

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