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Stroking Your Chin While Nodding Latest Dance Craze To Sweep Clubland

Stroking Your Chin While Nodding Latest Dance Craze To Sweep Clubland

The internet and blogosphere is abuzz this week with the news of the latest electronic music craze sweeping the dance floors of clubs and bars across the world – stroking your chin while nodding.

“Dance music has seen a lot of dance move fads come and go,” explained one blogger, Dave The Rave, pictured performing a demonstration of the dance, “from the Prodigy dance, to the much maligned shuffle and of course, the always popular, boxes boxes cardboard boxes.”

“But none of those dances have captured the public’s imagination in quite the same way as stroking your chin while nodding seems to be,” he continued before explaining that the move, known colloquially as “The Thinker”, “The Pretentious” and most popularly “The Boiler Roomer”, started off in Berlin before gaining worldwide prominence among sneering men at tech-house clubs.

“It’s the only dance for me,” explained one clubber, 26 year old Mike Marsden, who says that he’ll mostly stand towards the rear of the dance floor, “where you won’t get disturbed by energetic riff-raff.”

“I see people dancing boisterously and sweating all over themselves,” continued Mike, who says he doesn’t drink any alcohol or take drugs at raves “except the odd bump of ket”.

“Some of the dancing you see is just uncivilized. It’s much more appropriate, and cooler, to show your appreciation for a set by bobbing your head slightly and resting your chin on your hand while wearing a pensive frown,” added Mike before claiming that a large part of the dance involved “watching the DJ’s every move and pointing out any mistakes and whispering to your mate what you’d have done better in the mix”.

“If someone took their top off or whooped at a climactic part of the track then I’d probably just leave the club,” concluded Mike. “Even if it was the DJ who fist pumped or whooped I’d leave. It obviously means he or she is not taking it seriously and that’s just not what we want from the clubbing experience.”

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Mike added that the reason for the dance’s popularity is because “anyone can do it, although having a goatee helps” so long as the dancer has a “sneering disdain for clubbers who take dance music anything less than 100% seriously at all times”.


Mike says in the extreme he might soften his knees to bop “slightly” but will only perform “that sort of outrageous level of dancing if the track is going really well”.

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