Sven Väth Denies Dressing Up As Moby for Halloween

German techno stalwart Sven Väth has denied reports that he has dressed up as Moby for Halloween, insisting that he actually dressed up as Music On head-honcho Marco Carola.

Speaking exclusively to Wunderground, Väth claimed that he spent “a full day” getting into character for his Marco Carola costume, a feat that included eating copious amounts of pasta, using over-exaggerated hand gestures and playing boring techno for hours on end.

“Of course I haven’t dressed up as Moby,” Väth explained earlier. “I look nothing like him, I’m clearly Marco Carola, I’m even wearing a long line t-shirt and a Music On pendant. I didn’t think my choice of costume could be any more obvious but I guess it’s not quite good enough for some people out there.”

“To prove that I’m not supposed to be Moby, I’m willing to eat a rare steak while wearing a Make America Great Again hat,” continued the German DJ. “If that doesn’t convince people that I’m not trying to be Moby, nothing will.”

One Halloween enthusiast wasn’t happy with Väth’s attempt at a costume, she spoke to Wunderground, “Marco Carola? I’m not having that!,” she said dismissively. “If he was supposed to be Moby, I’d say it was a great costume because he actually looks exactly like Moby but he looks nothing like Marco Carola.”

“In my opinion, and I’m a fancy dress expert, if he’s claiming to be Marco Carola, he’s just another bald guy copping out with a minimum effort Halloween costume,” continued our source. “I’m really surprised by Sven too, I expected more from him but he may as well just have painted his head white and dressed up as a golf ball.”

In related news, reports that David Guetta had dressed up as Elen DeGeneres for a private Los Angeles Halloween party have been rubbished after it was confirmed that it was actually Elen attending the party.

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Sven Väth Denies Dressing Up As Moby for Halloween

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