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The Black Madonna, Madonna & Diego Maradona Form House-Pop-Coke Super Group

The Black Madonna, Madonna & Diego Maradona Form House-Pop-Coke Super Group

Huge news has emerged from Hollywood as three larger than life characters are to form the unlikeliest super-group in the history of music, sport, TV… well, everything.

Outspoken DJ, the Black Madonna, who’s known for beautifully constructed DJ sets as well as voicing opinions on literally anything that be moaned about, will team up with outspoken music icon, Madonna, known for smash hit songs Like A Prayer and Like A Virgin, as well as wearing less and less clothing the older she gets.

The surprise came in the third instalment, as joining the two music icons will be outspoken football legend, Diego Maradona, known for his silky skills as well as being the sole reason Argentina ran out of cocaine in 1989 to the current day. 

With a $100 million contract on the table, the “house-pop-coke fuelled” album “Opinions, Nostrils and Inappropriate Nakedness” is due out in December.

“This is the biggest thing to ever happen in music” claimed one fan. “I’ve heard they are going to be called DiegoBlackMadgeMaramadonnana.” But this is yet to be confirmed.

An official statement was released by Sony, the label responsible for this exciting project: “The idea is little Diego will bring enough coke to last a team of investment bankers over 20 years. We lock them in a studio with the drugs and see what they come up with. This is a tried and tested system, previously working for Hot Natured, Disclosure, Little Mix, Taylor Swift and Oasis, so we have no doubts the outcome will be fantastic.”

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