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Top 10 Sundrenched Tracks To Kickstart The Summer

Top 10 Sundrenched Tracks To Kickstart The Summer

So it’s pretty safe to assume that Daft Punk’sGet Lucky‘ is going to be everywhere this summer. Whether you’re feeling the pleasant heat of warm sand beneath bare feet, hiding from the rain in a humid tent at your favourite festival or having a cold Bulmers in a lively beer garden – Daft Punk will probably be providing the soundtrack. With this in mind we thought it apt to compile an office chart of some tracks that either helped define summers gone by or that fill you with that unmistakable sun-lust…gerritintya.

1. Little Dragon – Ritual Union (here’s the whole album to bring back memories of Body & Soul 2012).

2. When Saints Go Machine – Kelly

3. Neon Neon – I Told Her On Alderaan

4. M83 – Kim & Jessie

5. Cut Copy – Need You Now

6. Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure

7. Youandewan – 1988

See Also

8. Animal Collective – Summertime Clothes

9. Caribou – Sun

10. Stardust – The Music Sounds Better With You

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