Warnings About Extra Strong Pills Making Pills More Popular Than Ever

Warnings about extra strong pills circulating in the United Kingdom have reportedly driven the demand for pills up to an all time high.

The most recent warning, about a batch of “blue Punishers” circulating in the south west of England, has resulted in the demand, and the asking price, for pills increasing three fold.

Dealer Flappy Flapperson (not his real name) spoke to wunderground earlier, “It’s fucking awesome,” he told us. “As a dealer, you’re always hoping that there’ll be some sort of warnings issued about the gear you’ve got. If people think there’s a chance it might kill them, they know it’s going to be good and they’ll be queueing up to buy it.”

“Apparently, these Punishers have up to 300mg of MDMA in them,” continued Flappy. “That’s fucking mental man, if I had the proper equipment I could break them up and make three or four normal pills out of each one. Unfortunately I don’t, so I’ve just tripled the price of them and people are still happy to pay it.”

“I always tell people to ‘be careful’ and ‘just take one at a time’ with my stuff,” claimed Flapperson, a street-level dealer from Bournemouth. “Usually, I’m just saying it to make it seem like my gear is better than it actually is but, this time, I actually mean it. There’s no way I’d take more than one of those things at a time. They’re called punishers for a reason.”

According to Nick Chester, a local raver, he has been awake for almost seventy two hours after taking blue Punishers earlier this week.

“I’ve taken loads of different pills over the years and I thought I was able to handle them pretty well,” he explained. “I was fucking wrong mate, these things are different, I was tripping my nuts off, at one stage I was talking to the wall and then, later on, I had an imaginary heart attack. Plus, I’m still awake almost three days later. I definitely won’t be doing them again. This week.”

If you are planning to take drugs this or any other weekend, Wunderground advises that you do so carefully, and share them with us.

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Warnings About Extra Strong Pills Making Pills More Popular Than Ever

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