“Whole World Smells Of Mephedrone” Claims Man Snorting Mephedrone

A young man snorting popular legal high mephedrone has today spoken about his belief that the whole world smells completely of mephedrone.

David Curtis, who has been into meow meow ever since it burst onto the scene some years ago and snorts it still now even though it’s on the wane cause it’s dirt cheap and keeps you up, first noticed that everything in the world smells of mephedrone after first snorting the drug.

“I never really noticed the undeniable fact that everything smells of mephedrone before I started snorting mephedrone,” explained David. “But as soon as I did it was plain to smell that the heady scent of meph was everywhere.”

Describing the smell as a “sort of combination of cat’s piss, farts and electricity” David said that while most people find the odour repellent he loves it and compares the pleasure he feels from smelling it to “wanking through your nose”.

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“It’s an amazing smell,” gushed David, “mostly because the smell reminds of me of mephedrone and taking mephedrone, which I love to do. Thankfully the whole world smells of it because if there’s only one smell that I could smell for the rest of my smelling life, that smell would be the smell of mephedrone.”

“Some of the things that smell of mephedrone include rolled up bank notes, the inside of my nose, the room where I have been snorting mephedrone, my girlfriend’s hair and mephedrone,” concluded David. “I don’t know how mephedrone somehow gets its unmistakeable smell into every fiber of reality but I know for certain that after snorting mephedrone all day the whole world will then smell of mephedrone for weeks after.”

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