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Wikileaks Reveal Chris Lorenzo’s Client List

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In breaking news, Wikileaks have reportedly leaked a detailed dossier believed to contain Chris Lorenzo’s entire client list.

According to Wunderground sources, the document is set to cause an uproar in the music industry, with Lorenzo’s client list said to be “extensive”.

“This is a pretty big deal,” claimed music journalist Brian Nichols. “This is probably going to be the most controversial thing to happen to dance music since Ten Walls was asked to DJ in DC10, the shit is about to hit the proverbial fan and we’re all going to be messier than a cake hungry groupie in the front row of a Steve Aoki show.”

”Lorenzo’s influence really runs deep in the electronic music industry,” revealed Nichols, one of the first people to read the dossier. “Our scene is being totally haunted by ghost producers and you know what? They would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids, and by meddling kids I mean Julian Assange and his crack team of computer hackers.”

Leading figures within the music industry are believed to have called an emergency summit to discuss what actions to take next.

Wunderground spoke to an industry insider, “It’s fair to say that Wikileaks have exposed something strange in our neighbourhood,” he told us. “It’s something strange and it don’t look good, but who are you gonna call? There isn’t exactly a ghost producers busters number. What we need to do is make it known that we ain’t afraid of no ghost producers.”

So far, Lorenzo has failed to comment on Wikileaks latest exposure, sources within the producer’s camp have revealed that he is too busy working on Hannah Wants’s debut album to “trouble himself with trivial matters like this”.

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