Zippyshare Now Offering Vinyl Downloads For 3D Printers

The world’s most popular file sharing website, Zippyshare, have announced that they will be offering users vinyl downloads for 3D printers early next year.

The service will allow users to download music from the internet onto vinyl at a fraction of the normal retail cost of vinyl, all from the comfort of their own home.

Wunderground spoke to Ryan Zippy, Zippyshare CEO, earlier today, “Vinyl is really making a comeback and we really want to get in on the action,” Mr Zippy told us. “Things have almost gone full circle, vinyl seemed to obsolete but the last couple of years it’s been getting stronger and stronger and for the first time in recent history vinyl sales are bigger than digital sales.”

“With over one hundred million downloads every month, we’re constantly striving to give our users exactly what they want,” continued Zippy. “We don’t want to be left behind as the trend shifts back towards vinyl, so we’ve teamed up with a team of developers and we’re delighted to announce that our 3D vinyl printing service will be available from April 2017.”

“This will allow cheap people to download their music for free and also let them be snobby and aloof about having it on vinyl,” explained Mr Zippy, no relation to the annoying character from the Children’s TV show Rainbow. “It’s pretty much a hipster’s wet dream, like second hand breakfast cereal or a bike with no gears at all. We’re expecting downloads to break a billion next year.”

According to Wunderground sources, reel to reel tapes are set to make a comeback in 2017, with Zippyshare reportedly developing a revolutionary tape recorded that will allow users to download music from the internet onto tapes.

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