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Cercle To Livestream From The White House

Cercle To Livestream From The White House

Electronic music livestreamer Cercle has announced that they are to stream a DJ set from the White House this December.

The livestream broadcaster, known for streaming from some of the world’s most interesting and iconic locations, confirmed the set this morning via their official Facebook account.

“We really wanted to sign off the year with something really special,” Steven Jones, a spokesperson for Cercel, told Wunderground this afternoon. “We looked at lots of really, really cool venue but in the end we couldn’t get any of them so decided to do it in front of the White House instead.”

“At first, it seemed like Homeland Security were going to object to the livestream but it appears that President Trump personally stepped in and insisted it go ahead, on the condition that he gets to hand pick who will be allowed to attend the special afterparty in the Oval Office,” Jones continued. “He’s also asked that we build a large temporary wall around the perimeter of the White House to make sure no one without a ticket gets in.”

As of now, the only thing we know about the event is that it will be taking place in December and will feature “homegrown” talent.

“Whoever we decide to go with will obviously have to be vetted by the White House,” Jones explained. “So, we’re thinking he’ll probably have to be a middle-aged, white, American, male, who plays totally non-offensive, run of the mill music and shares some of President Trump’s views on women and politics. So it’s probably going to be Diplo.”

Tickets for Cercle’s White House event are likely to be in high demand and we recommend anyone wishing to go to register for them early to give themselves the best possible chance of getting them, unless of course, it does turn out to be Diplo, in which case they’ll probably be quite easy to get.

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