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Club Removes Roof To Fit Promoter’s Ego Into Venue

Club Removes Roof To Fit Promoter’s Ego Into Venue

A fed-up club owner in Kent, England, has taken extreme measures to safeguard the future of his club.

In A Wunderground exclusive, owner Pablo ‘Peroni’ Smith revealed the stark reality of being the owner of the club that hosts the biggest techno events in Ramsgate.

“Yeah, its great packing the club out every weekend,” Pablo, known to his friends as P-P, told us. “We get the ‘in-crowd’ of East Kent. The real cool kids who know their music. They know their Guetta from their Aoki’s. We work with all of the biggest promoters from the likes of Medway & Maidstone.”

Often billed as the ‘Amnesia Club’ of Kent, the prestige of such an accolade often comes at a price for owner Pablo.

“We are all getting wet… we had to remove the roof!”

“Quite simply, we got sick and tired of the problems caused by promoter’s egos. We can’t get to our 400 capacity and have the promoter in the same room at the same time.”

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“We get 200 in, but on certain nights we are full. It then dawned on us that we had to make more space. We did a few things, like move the Green Room to the car park, but removing the roof was an expensive necessity. I had to re-mortgage my house to pay for it.”

“Since we removed the roof, we’re now having to supply towels and hairdryers, we’ve even had to replace beer in the fridge with coffee machines.”

Reports suggest the bank has now repossessed Pablo’s house, with the club owner currently living in a tent on the dancefloor, and saif to be thouroughly enjoying sleeping under the stars.

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