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Daft Punk Announces Live Concert on February 30th in Narnia

Daft Punk Narnia Concert

The wait is over! Last night, Daft Punk made dance music history by announcing their first concert since 2007.

“We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking live music experience, the likes of which only Daft Punk can deliver! To further explore our futuristic soundscape, we will be bringing you to both a time and a place you can only imagine. February 30th. Narnia. Be there.”

This much-anticipated news spread quickly, with the show selling out in minutes. “I’ve been waiting ten years for this, so I really went all out,” said one diehard fan who bought the VIP package. These special tickets include some never before seen perks: a flight to Narnia on the back of Aslan, The Great Lion; a meet and greet with Prince Caspian; and access to private bathrooms in Castle Cair Paravel.

Amid the overwhelming enthusiasm, some longtime followers of the Robots are cautiously optimistic. Said Steve Atkinson, 32, “as much as I’d love to believe we’ll all be seeing Daft Punk live, I have a sinking feeling that it won’t happen. The announcement seems out of character, and they do have a history of pranking their fan base,” referring to the fake performance Stephen Colbert famously advertised as a joke for The Colbert Report. “Also, there is no February 30th, and Narnia is a fictional world.”

“But hey, I still bought my ticket. If anyone can turn fantasy into reality, it’s Daft Punk!” Atkinson added.

Not everyone is as excited about the single concert date, however. “I was bummed to hear that they were only playing February 30th, because I’m pretty sure I have to work that night,” said David Kampff, a Dublin bartender. “But It’ll be ok,” he continued. “I heard a rumour that they’re also going to play Harambe’s inauguration, so I’ll catch them in 2020.”

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