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DJ Donates Entire Allocation Of Drink Tokens To Alcoholics Annonymous

DJ Donates Entire Allocation Of Drink Tokens To Alcoholics Annonymous

A charitable DJ has reportedly promised to donate his entire allocation of drink tokens from all gigs for the remainder of the year.

The DJ, who has asked to remain anonymous, is likely to be in receipt of almost three thousand drink tokens between now and New Year’s Eve.

“What a gesture that is,” a source close to the DJ said earlier. “He’s so generous, to give up all of those drink tokens like that, it just goes to show, not all DJ are egotistical maniacs who are just in it for the money, there’s a couple of them, like two or three max, who are actually just nice people.”

“He’s always making sacrifices to help other people, “ continued the DJ’s complimentary friend. “Just like last week, when there was an old lady standing on the train, he actually took his feet down of the seat in front of him so she could sit down. You just don’t get that kind of thing with a lot of DJs these days.”

“And, he’s not even going public about making the donation, apart from on his social media, his podcast, his vlog and his website, which shows he’s not just doing it for the praise,” the source added.

According to Micheal Jones, a spokesperson for Alcoholic Anonymous, the organisation appreciates but the gesture but fail to see what benefit it will bring.

“We really do appreciate all donations, no matter how big or small they are,” Jones explained. “It’s just that, outside of the club they’re given in, on that specific night, drink tokens are worth fuck all to anyone, and while the DJ has given up a good percentage of his fee, it’s not really worth anything to us here at AA.”

Reports suggest that over one £100m worth of exposure was also donated to charity last year alone, which has so far done nothing to resolve anything.

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