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5 Out Of 5 Sound Engineers “Zone Out” When DJs Talk To Them

5 Out Of 5 Sound Engineers “Zone Out” When DJs Talk To Them

A recent survey has found that approximately one hundred percent of sound engineers completely “zone out” during conversations with DJs.

While some sound engineers have admitted they would engage in conversations with DJ in a non-professional setting, all of the sound engineers involved in the survey confirmed they zone out if the conversation takes place at work.

“Listen to a DJ? Are you mad?” one sound engineer asked. “Why would I do that? I learned very early on in my career that nothing positive ever comes from talking to a DJ. They have this weird kind of entitled tone that if anyone else took with you, you’d want to smack them one, but because they’re the DJ you can’t.”

“What makes it even worse is that normally they haven’t got a fucking clue what they’re talking about. The only thing they do know about is blowing smoke up their own arse, which really doesn’t make for good conversation,” he continued. “It’s like some weird form of torture rather than a chat.”

“Now, every time a DJ tries to talk to me I just smile and nod and completely zone out,” revealed the sound engineer. “It takes a while to really master it, it’s all about finding your happy place, but once you do you’ll be so fulfilled and happy in your work.”

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“Everybody thinks sound engineers are these unapproachable, grumpy trolls,” he explained, “but that couldn’t be further from the truth, we’re actually the most zen and laid back people in the industry, we just pretend to be like that so DJs won’t want to talk to us.”

Luckily for sound engineers, it appears that DJs are too caught up in their own nonsense to notice that people are not paying attention to them while they talk, with one DJ believed to have held a conversation with a man in a coma for eleven hours.

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