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DJ Quits Family To Concentrate On Solo Career

DJ Quits Family To Concentrate On Solo Career

An aspiring English DJ has reportedly quit his family to concentrate on his solo career.

Father of three, James Douglas said goodnight to his children for the last time last night before jumping on a flight to Ibiza to follow his dreams.

“When I was a kid, I always dreamed of growing up to become a DJ, not growing up to become a parent,” Douglas told Wunderground. “So, one day, I just decided to do it, give it all up and follow my dreams, I booked a one-way ticket to Ibiza, quit my job, knocked the old family on the head and left.”

“It’s a really big step to take,” he continued. “Abandoning your family isn’t easy but neither is making it as a DJ, if I wanted the easy ride I’d still be at home, being responsible, but that’s not the life for me. From here on in, it’s nothing but hard work and partying my ass off until I’m a world-famous DJ.”

“Sure, sometimes I feel a little bit bad about walking out on my kids, usually it’s when the drugs wear off or I’m hungover,” admitted the DJ. “It does get to me, I wonder if they’re sitting by the door, waiting for me to come back from the shop, but then I daydream about making millions of pounds and all of those bad thoughts go away.”

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“In a weird kind of way I actually did it for my kids,” claimed Douglas. “Not actually directly for them, but just imagine this time in eight or nine years, I’ll be headlining Tomorrowland and they’ll be telling the kids in their class ‘that’s my dad, he walked out on us’, they’ll be dining out for free on that for their whole life.”

“Eventually, it’ll probably come out in the press too, which will be a publicity goldmine for me. Who’d have thought leaving my family would have so many positive effects on all of our futures. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got an afters to go to.”

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