English Lads Called Alan And Keith Wondering Why Everyone Wants To Talk To Them About Mixers

A couple of English lads called Alan and Keith, who are visiting Amsterdam this week, have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who want to talk to them about mixers.

The pair of friends, who are not in the city for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event, claim they have been treated like celebrities and received numerous business propositions since arriving in The Netherlands on Tuesday morning.

“It’s great,” Alan told Wunderground this morning. “Everywhere we go, people are being dead friendly to us and offering us drinks and buying our lunch. It’s our first time in Amsterdam and we weren’t expecting it to be as friendly as this, we’ve hardly spent a penny since we got here, we’ll definitely be coming back again if it’s like this all the time.”

However, Alan’s travel companion, Keith, was a little bit more skeptical about their current situation, he also spoke to Wunderground earlier, “I’m not sure, it seems a little bit weird that everyone wants to talk to us about mixers, there’s only so much you can actually say about tonic water or ginger ale,” he said with some concern. “And what the hell is Zone 96? I bet it’s some kind of Dutch Area 52 or something, I’m a little bit worried we’re being set up, like in that movie Hostel.”

“Oh shut up Keith, you’re such a pessimist,” Alan interrupted. “You never know a good thing when you see it, like that time we almost got into the DJ booth in Ibiza with free drinks, but you didn’t want to go in because you’re a pioneer, you’re such a div mate.”

According to Steven Simpson, a spokesperson for Allen & Heath, this year’s ADE has been a bit of a non-event for thier team in Amsterdam, with a number of high profile delegates missing pre-arranged meetings.

“We’re here to give the Xone:96, the latest addition to the Allen & Heath family, a push this year,” Simpson explained. “We arranged a ton of meeting and we were hoping to get the mixer into even more venues than it’s already in, but it’s all gone a bit tits up. So far, about sixty percent of the meetings we’ve arranged haven’t happened, which is almost twice as many cancellations as you’d usually expect at ADE.”

According to reports, Alan and Keith were also mistaken for the DJ duo Andhim after Alan tried to blag their entry into a nightclub by saying “we’re on the guest list, me and him”.

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English Lads Called Alan And Keith Wondering Why Everyone Wants To Talk To Them About Mixers

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