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Fans To Be Asked To Hold Their Breath During All Future Events

Fans To Be Asked To Hold Their Breath During All Future Events

Fans attending live music events in 2021 may be asked to hold their breath throughout the event, in an effort to stop the spread of the virus. 

“If live events do return in 2021, it will be absolutely fantastic – but there will be some additional safety measures in place.” said David Hacker, Ticketmaster CEO. 

“Fans will be required to hold their breath as they enter the venue and throughout the concert, and will be permitted to begin breathing again on exiting the venue.”

“Those driving will be asked to wait until they return to their cars to recommence breathing, and anybody on public transport or on foot should wait until they are at least 5 kilometers from the venue.”

Ticketmaster will be offering a VIP ticket where you can take an additional single breath halfway through the gig for an additional €16.50 breath booking fee.

VIP or Premium customers can upgrade it to a deep breath for just €42.50, however exhalation is not included with either upgrade. 

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“We do envision some people will die during the events, for obvious reasons, however we feel it far outweighs the threat from the virus itself.”

Other mandatory safety precautions include keeping your hands in your pockets at all times. No food, no drink, and all performing artists must be suspended in anti-bacterial gel inside sealed containers and must not sing, talk, or touch the equipment; for insurance reasons. 

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