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Local DJ Can’t Believe It’s Nearly A Year Since He Licked A Promoters Arse

Local DJ Can’t Believe It’s Nearly A Year Since He Licked A Promoters Arse

Local DJ Fran Brown literally can’t believe it was only this time last year that he was living his best life in the VIP area of local haunt ’The Cuntclub’.

Fran, a builder by day, off-duty builder by night, has a big-name celebrity DJ career in his sights. 

“It’s all I want to do with with my life. It would mean the world to me to make it as a DJ.” 

“I’m even thinking about buying some decks.” 

“I just need to wait a bit. I’m saving up for a house at the minute, and after that I’ve a few bits I want to do to the van. Modifications and that. Then, I’ll buy a motorbike. Take a few holidays, treat the kids… and after that – decks. 100%!”

“Music is the most important thing in my life. I have the radio on in the van most days. You name it, Chris Moyles, Talksport…the works!”

“Tell you what, I can’t believe it’s nearly a year since I rimmed that Paul Flanagan that runs the local LEGENDS club night.”

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“I had my tounge so far down his anus for that long, I nearly got kicked out for making him cum too hard.”

“He said I’m on his radar for sure, and if I keep tongue-lashing him around the VIP area like that, a gig in the future is all but guaranteed.”

“Those were the days. It all feels like a dream now. Can’t wait till the clubs are back open again so I get out there networking, meeting with other industry folk and flushing my dignity down the drain out in the hope of a 60 minute unpaid set to an empty nightclub.” 

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