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‘Festivals Are More Appealing With Distancing Restrictions’ Claims Karen

‘Festivals Are More Appealing With Distancing Restrictions’ Claims Karen

Karen has once again taken to Facebook, this time to announce that festivals look “much better” with the social distancing restrictions in place.

“Having my own little fenced off area to dance in, without being barged or having idiots spill their drinks all over me is such a great idea” she told her 243 Facebook friends.

“Finally, no more crowds of loud, obnoxious, happy people having any type of fun anywhere near me. No more strangers having a laugh with each other meaning I can’t hear myself think. No more meeting new people – my girls are all I need. Simply amazing, count me in.”

One brave person did politely question her logic in the comments section, suggesting it could be a little restrictive” being asked to stay in one place all day, and that festivals are all about the unity of the crowd and energy on the dancefloor, to which Karen swiftly put an end to that type of positivity.

“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Robert” she replied, before deleting him from her friends.

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