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“Who The Fuck Is Konstantin?” Ask All Female DJs In The World

Geigling’s Konstantin is at the center of a shit storm today after claiming that female DJs are “usually worse at DJing than men are”, causing the majority of female DJs in the world to ask the question “who the fuck is Konstantin?”.

The strange, and rather dickheadey, quote was taken from an interview the German DJ gave in the latest edition of Groove Magazine.

In what is being described as his “Ten Walls moment”, Konstantin claimed he was unhappy with the promotion female DJs received and that he believes testicles and a penis, no matter how small, are essential tools for a modern DJ.

Wunderground spoke to Emma, a hard working DJ from the north of England, “Who the fuck is Konstantin? There’s only two that I’ve heard of, one’s a porn star who sucks his own dick and the other’s a former Roman Emperor, but I doubt either of them would be talking about female DJs. Whoever he is, he’s obviously a bit of a tosser.”

Nancy, a DJ from America shared a similar view to Emma, “What’s a Konstantin, seriously? Isn’t it some sort of small orange-like fruit? I’ve never heard of a DJ called Konstantin and I’m pretty into dance music, you have to be to be a DJ nowadays. Are you sure this isn’t just a joke?”

Konstantin, whose biggest musical achievement to date is growing a beard that caresses his palm while he strokes his chin, has so far failed to comment on the issue with sources close to the DJ claiming he is “too busy spitting at homeless people and laughing at children with disabilities to deal with angry feminists”.

While it is not yet clear what damage these comments may or may not have on Konstantin’s career, one thing that is certainly clear is that the German DJ will now be considered a “giant cunt” by the vast majority of his peers.

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