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Guy Perfecting 6-Pack Unaware It’s His Personality That Needs The Work

Guy Perfecting 6-Pack Unaware It’s His Personality That Needs The Work

A twenty-year-old lad from Manchester who dedicates far too much time perfecting his 6-pack is understood to be blissfully unaware that his personality sucks.

Gym-obsessed Ryan Green, who loves nothing more than bulking in winter, cutting in summer, and telling anybody who will listen about his training regime, has been criticised by nineteen-year-old Mollie Chambers, who made the unfortunate error of trying to speak to him in a local nightclub.

“I have never met such a boring nob-head in my life” confirmed Mollie.

“Great to look at, lovely face, banging arms and shoulders, but nothing up top whatsoever. I made the mistake of saying hello as for the next two hours he told me why he doesn’t drink, dance or have any type of fun.

“He showed me his abs, told me about his diet, went into detail about his gym routine, the benefits of creatine and how I could improve my own image if I took more notice of my macros.

“I was basically asleep with my eyes open by the time he’d finished. He even tried to charge me £40 telling me it was a PT session. I was like fuck off mate.”

Despite the harsh comments made against Ryan which he seemed to not fully understand, the Love Island-Bodybuilder hybrid had this to say to Wunderground.

“I know what’s important in life.”

“And that’s having a nice body, posting photos of my nice body on social media, and spending my days being told how nice my body is.”

“And to be fair… it is bloody, isn’t it?”

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