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Guy Who Offered Girl A Line Annoyed She Accepted

Guy Who Offered Girl A Line Annoyed She Accepted

A man has been left feeling “a bit annoyed” after a girl he met at a party done a line of his coke.

Twenty-four-year-old Tommy Smith from Essex is said to have been purposely speaking loud enough so that the people around him would know he had drugs on him, however hadn’t taken into account that somebody at the party might actually be rude enough to want to share with him if he offers.

“Sharing is not caring. Declining somebody’s offer is caring” said a frustrated Tommy to a Wunderground reporter.

“Obviously I wanted people to think that I’m a bit of a boy, you know? Said I’d been out on it all day and had a bit of gear on me. I saw this decent looking bird so offered her a line assuming she’d say no, being as I’m a stranger – but the cunt said yes.

“Before I knew it she was rifling through my Gucci man bag, found my coke, emptied the contents of it onto the side, racked up a line and sniffed it. She checked herself in the mirror, said thanks and walked off. Can you actually believe that?”

Despite Tommy’s misfortune of having to share some of his £50 point-four with a stranger, he did end up having a good time at the party after receiving compliments about his £825 Balenciaga trainers.

“Yeah, some girl said my shoes looked expensive which absolutely made my night” he said, gleefully.

Wunderground has since confirmed mystery girl number two was using flattery as a way to also get a line of his coke.

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